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Jims barbecue any good ???

Great frills but just great Bar-B-Q!

Why would you serve crock pot brisket at a bbq joint? And charge $15 for the dinner when the lunch is half the price? Basically you pay double for canned pork n beans and Cole slaw?

Worst "barbecue" I've had. Zero smoke flavor. Hell, zero flavor. Go to the bbq trailer next to the Pilot in Wildwood, FL. It's the one next to the chrome shop, across the road from the T/A.

Wht is Hours? How late they open

Open 8am-8pm (Sunday to Thursday) Open 8am-9pm (Friday & Saturday)

Very rude black lady at counter. Are whole group left because we felt so un welcomes an birdened

Tastey? Sure if you dont mind microwaved beans and rubbery, water logged brisket

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